7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your themed space jam birthday party

This theme party was a blast! It was a themed space jam birthday party with all my favorite food and drink making it perfect. Guests got to bring their own food, drink, or take home a glass of wine with their party favors. It was a great way to show off my wine making skills.

It was a blast getting to participate, but I really wanted to go home with a few bottles of wine, because that’s what I think wine should be. As it turns out, the party is actually a bit of a nightmare. The food was amazing, and even better, everyone was willing to trade wine for something else, so I ended up with a few bottles of wine and a few bottles of soda.

To make matters worse, the party is also a free-for-all with no designated seating. Everyone decided to just dance around the island, so I ended up sitting with a group of guys who were not invited. I was supposed to be watching the game, and while I was waiting for my turn to play, I ran into a girl who I’d known since I was ten.

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