The History of paw patrol cake girl

My first summer cake was a paw patrol cake girl. I had some leftovers from dinner the night prior, and I simply didn’t want to ruin it with my usual sloppy housework. So I took a leaf from the cake I had made for the cats the night before, stuck it on top of a vanilla sponge cake, and baked it. It turned out quite good. And I like that cake so much, I made it for the cat cake I made last year too.

I guess I should say it was a paw patrol cake girl because it had a paw on it in the center, and paw patrol cake girls are known for being very pawy. I also used the same cake recipe for a paw patrol cake and an eyeball cookie.

We are very pawy and I like the eyeball cookie better. I guess I should say that I prefer paw patrol cakes for the paw part because of the paw patrol cake girl, but I do like the cake though.

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