The Next Big Thing in monster truck cupcakes

The most basic of cupcakes that are as cute and sweet as they are delicious. I’ve used chocolate as my base and vanilla to add depth and flavor. These monster truck cupcakes are a little sweet while still being the perfect cupcake.

The cups are small and bitey, the base is chocolate, and the frosting is so good that it tastes like a chocolate cake frosting. They’re best eaten on the run, but you can make them into a more standard cupcake with a lighter base like peanut butter.

These are best enjoyed in a cupcake holder or with a spoon. Since theyre on the smaller, biteier side, you could try serving them to your friends and see if they like them.

The frosting is best served on its own, but you can also make them into cupcake pops with a simple butter cream frosting.

I think it must be a tradition in truck culture to stick your truck up in the air like a cupcake (or cupcake on a stick) as a party-related gesture. But who has that kind of time? (And I don’t mean this as a dig at the cupcake trucks.) My guess is that these cupcakes are really a nod to the truck fanatics who like to make their cupcakes look like the real thing.

The monster truck cupcake is a favorite of mine, and I am sure it has its fans in the trucking world. But I guess I like the idea of truck cupcakes better than the real thing.

The cupcake trucks are just one example of one of the many ways that truck culture has gotten a little crazy over the past few years. As I’ve stated before, truck culture has been on a bit of a roll in the last few years. This is not to say that truck culture is no longer cool, but there’s a lot of good art this year that I’m not sure many people have noticed.

Another example of how truck culture has become crazy is the Monster Truck Cupcake contest. The idea of selling cupcakes made from monsters and trucks from the 80s and 90s is probably one of the most interesting ideas ever to come from a trucking website. If the cupcakes aren’t the best cupcakes ever, then its just not worth going to the contest.

I have a feeling you are going to be surprised when I first start thinking about this. If I start thinking about the Monster Truck Cupcake contest, I will probably start thinking about the competition, too.

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