The Ugly Truth About encanto props

In my opinion, encanto props are the most useful and versatile pieces of luggage. They are a great way to enhance any trip while adding some style and personality to any space. The most common use for an encanto is as an ottoman, which is why I created this custom ottoman.

In the video above, encanto’s creator Ben has set up the ottoman with a bed frame and a lamp, as well as a mini “shower cubicle.” In the video, Ben also shows us a picture of a shower cubicle that we can use as an encanto prop.

Our new encanto ottoman was designed by encanto prop creator Ben. It’s a great piece of luggage that can be used in a number of ways, but the most common use could be to prop up a bed or sofa or to prop up a book shelf. We also have a couple of other encanto props in our inventory that we’d like to show you.

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