crayola theme party

A couple of weeks ago I threw a crayola theme party (which is not a theme party, but you know, a party), and it was really fun. I hope that you all have a lot of fun and that you find something different in there. I might have to do a crayola theme party again.

I have not done a crayola theme party since the crayola party a few weeks ago, but I am planning to soon. I’m already feeling the party vibe, along with the crayola theme. That’s why I put it in the title.

A few weeks ago I found these two new crayola themes and I’ve been trying to figure out what they are and how they are different versions of each other. They are pretty much identical. I think they are identical, but I don’t know if it’s because I’m not sure, or if it’s because the theme is different (or because I’m not sure).

The crayola theme is a color-based theme where each color has a different effect on the viewer. So for example, the red color has a red-ness to it, the orange color has a yellow-ness to it, and the blue color has a blue-ness to it.

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